April 25, 2015

Aquarium services

Lekki Aquariums ltd has been providing top quality, friendly and reliable expert aquarium and pond service and maintenance to aquarium owners.

At “Lekki Aquariums” we take pride in maintaining every system LIKE IT IS OUR OWN.

Let us put together a maintenance program that fulfills the needs for both you and your aquariums inhabitants.
Schedules are provided in weekly, bi weekly and monthly intervals.

All services are billed at a competitive standard fixed rates.
Call or e-mail for billing info – Call 08179402947 or E-mail derrick@lekkiaquariums.com.

We provide our own cleaning equipment, tools and testing materials.

Each professional service performed by “Lekki Aquariums” includes as follows:

Service Check List:

  1. First, floors are always covered to protect from water spillage.
  2. Next, Removal of all unsightly algae from aquarium and decor (including coral bleaching on sight whenever possible).
  3. A full water analysis will be performed and recorded on customer’s statement.
  4. All filters maintained and elements changed. All elements at an additional customer cost.
  5. Substrate will be siphoned to remove debris.
  6. All tanks get a minimum of 25 percent water change per visit.
  7. All system components receive a visual inspection for good working order such as, light fixtures, bulbs, heaters, sterilizers, pumps, etc. Finding will be recorded on customer’s statement and faulty products will be replaced on next scheduled visit per customer approval.
  8. Stands and canopies are cleaned inside and out.
  9. Fish are visually monitored for illness and behavioral problems
  10. All tanks are professionally aquascaped to insure maximum territory and overall visual beauty for the home or business aquarium.
  11. And finally all tanks will be wiped down and left sparkling so everyone can enjoy their beauty.

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